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The Future is now

When it comes to energy management solutions, we are leading the nation. Offering tailored and fully integrated solutions to suit your business needs, we’ll work with you to reduce both your energy costs and carbon footprint and to bring you more reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

The process is simple.
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Home Battery Optimization Technology

FREE for the lifetime of your system
How can you save up to 26.4% off our electricity bills?

It’s simple. Your solar and battery system are connected to Evergen’s software. This energy intelligence uses up-to-the minute data to make sure your home’s solar and battery system performance is optimised every minute, every day, saving you up to 26.4% off your electricity bills.

It’s free. All battery systems purchased through HNC have Evergen’s battery optimisation software included for the lifetime of your system.

Electric Vehicle Charging

In coming years, it’s estimated there will be over 10 million EVs on the road, and the market will see EV outsell petrol cars.
The Future is now.

We Supply:

Commercial charging stations

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Residential charging stations

Paywave options

Electrical infrastructure in car parks for future connectability

Cash Flow Positive

From day one

Reduced Cash Flow Impact

Spread the cost of energy assets over time

Potential Tax Deductions

Reduce your overheads with good business sense

Cost Certainty

With fixed term loan repayments set up front

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