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How We Came To Solar

Our specialist Solar Division was born on the back of the partnerships we have formed within the construction industry in the last 25 years.

Having seen firsthand how we could contribute significantly to the evolution of the construction standards for the better, we sought to leverage our relationships with Builders, Developers and Architects to assist them to design and build more sustainable buildings. Establishing a dedicated Solar PV Business Unit made this possible.

We believe that change starts with us. So, with a vision to help build world-leading innovative and sustainable buildings, we started the journey with our own retail network, launching a program to convert each and every one of the Harvey Norman retail stores into a self-sufficient solar powerhouse.


Solar is not only an environmental obligation.
It’s a sound commercial exercise.
This program expanded, fuelled by our own directives and market demand, to our wider customer base. Working with new project home and commercial builders, we set to educating the market and the key stakeholders on the value of solar.


Our industry-accredited in-house Solar Design and Engineering Team now customise a fit-for-purpose Solar PV Package to suit the needs of any operation, maximising efficiency and reducing the payback period.


Our vision? To be the go-to partner for the construction industry for all their project sustainability needs.
Be it an initial feasibility study or a large-scale design and construct project, we have the track record and the capabilities to execute far above the industry's best practices. And, with the backing of Harvey Norman Holdings, there is no limit to the size of the projects tackled, or the difference we can make.
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