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Do I need to replace my roof before I put solar panels on my house?

If your roof is in good condition and you don't anticipate replacing it soon then you probably will be fine to install solar panels. If you are planning on replacing your roof soon, you should probably install solar panels after you've replaced your roof. Of course, if you have solar panels and then decide to replace your roof, the panels can be removed and put back on.

How long does it take to install solar panels?
How much will solar save my business?

Find out more here. Contact one of our partners to get a more accurate estimate for your home.

And is finance available?
What happens on cloudy days?

While solar panels perform best in sunny, un-shaded conditions, they will continue to work whether on overcast days or in fog. Consider Germany, which leads the world in residential solar but doesn't have a sunny climate.

What happens if it snows?

Since solar panels are dark, face the sun and operate at a warmer temperature than the outside air, snow normally melts off quickly. If the panels are installed at an angle, the snow usually slides off the slick surface. Research shows that snowy conditions may actually help
solar panels produce more electricity because sunlight reflects off the snow. Additionally, solar panels operate more efficiently in cold weather.

Should I buy a solar system now or wait?

The longer you wait, the more cost savings are lost. Find out more about finance options here.

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