Pay-As-You-Go Solar (PPA)

Also know as Pay-As-You-Go Solar. A Power Purchase Agreement is a new way to finance solar power systems on commercial, government and industrial buildings.
Harvey Norman Commercial have partnered with Demand Manager backed by Colonial First State, to offer a PAYG option for our customers.
With a PAYG system Harvey Norman Commercial Solar will pay for the installation and maintenance of the Solar power system. In return, the building owner agrees to buy the solar power generated from the Solar system at a rate cheaper than traditional grid power. At the end of the PAYG Solar term, ownership of the solar power system reverts to the building owner. Effectively, the energy savings have paid for the asset.

  • Zero upfront cost
  • Zero maintenance costs during the PAYG Term
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Only pay for the electricity produced – no risk
  • After the PAYG term (typically 7-10 years) the system is yours to keep
  • Flexible terms and tariffs to meet your needs

Finance Lease

Harvey Norman Commercial Solar also offer a finance lease option via our partners FlexiCommercial. FlexiCommercial is a division of publicly listed company FlexiGroup Limited, working with businesses of all sizes to provide tailored and flexible finance solutions. FlexiGroup has been providing finance and payment solutions for commercial use for over 25 years.

  • Simple access to finance – minimal paperwork involved
  • Keep cash flowing – avoid draining cash flow for day to day expenses and preserve your liquidity
  • Set residual to own – when you have completed your term and paid the residual you own the equipment outright
  • Bundle your solution – bundle all your equipment, accessories and installation into a finance lease
  • Tax benefits – you may potentially claim tax deductions on lease payments that you make